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That's How It Works
1st-May-2009 12:56 pm - 1

Titile: Wallow
Pairing: None, precievable sasunaru
Rating: T for language?
Summary: If you can’t stand up, then you’re going to be Madara’s little weapon, his toy until you die. Which, actually, probably won’t be that long…
13th-Sep-2008 06:00 pm - WELCOME
Despite being an Avatar fanatic, I am also a faithful Naruto lover. So I'm making a community for Naruto pairings! All are absolutely accepted, and I've made a list of 100 prompts for people to get inspiration from--but you don't really have to write about the prompts. Anything is accepted here. You don't have to claim a pairing or a character either. Just enjoy.

Also, any avatar groupies that are out there, feel free to drop by my other community.
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